Physical Education

Students at Holy Trinity School are provideda Physical Education Program that helps them become physically educated, giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a life filled with physical activity.

Through planned curriculum based on the Sacramento Diocesan Standards, California State Standards, and Holy Trinity’s School-Wide Learning Expectations, students learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle through study, exercise, and nutrition. Students have the opportunity to be challenged by many diverse activities throughout the school year. Physical Education in the class setting begins in Kindergarten, where the beginning skills are mastered, such as movement, coordination, flexibility, coordinated use of equipment, and cooperative teamwork.These skills are taught through activities such as parachute play, balance beams, and various forms of basic/intro sport play that will be further developed each grade level year. In grades 4th-8th, students are learning rules and safety requirements and playing sports such as Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Dance, Baseball, and many other games and activities that strengthen skills set forth in the standards. Also, grades 4th- 8th are required toperform the activities set forth by the Presidents Council for thePresidential Physical Fitness Award whereeach student’s ability and progress is recorded andtracked throughout the year.

The fundamental goals for our Physical Education Program include:

  • To foster an understanding of sportsmanship and cooperation
  • To require attention to safety
  • To encourage and model enjoyment of all types of physical activities
  • To promote physical fitness for the purpose of increasing the quality of life
  • To challenge students to set goals
  • To foster acceptance of physical abilities of self and others
  • To enhance self-esteem by expecting performances that reflect a student’s personal best

The general class format for P.E. is as follows:

  • Each class begins with a prayer
  • Students perform laps and warm-up activities/stretches targeting each muscle group.
  • Instruction will be given in the areas of rules and safety.
  • The students will then participate in the explained activity.

Holy Trinity's Physical Education Program not only meets the state and national standards but also meets the needs of each child as an individual. We celebrate the "whole" child and strive to enhance their physical being.