Tuition for 2016-17 School Year

It will cost Holy Trinity Parish $6994 to educate each child in its school ministry in the 2016-17 school year.

However, in order to make a Catholic education more affordable to those we serve, our parish has purposely chosen to offer all of its students a generous 29% reduction in tuition.

With a reduction of $2044 offered to each student, tuition for each child for the 2016-17 school year is $4950.

 Each Student
Actual Cost of Educating Each Child$6994
- Investment by Parish for All Students- $2044
Base Tuition$4950
    All parents are expected to:
  • perform 10 Parent Participation Hours in service to the school ministry community
  • attend two General Parent meetings of the Parent Association

Student Services Fee

A non-refundable Student Services Fee of $625 per student is due at the time of registration. Our fee is unique in that it covers the cost for most activities and materials for the entire year. We do not ask for additional funds during the year. Although our actual costs rise each year, we are mindful to keep any increases in our fee to a minimum.

This fee reserves placement for your child for the coming school year. In addition, the fee also covers costs associated with registration, as well as the Diocesan assessment and accident insurance which must be paid on every student enrolling at Holy Trinity School.

This fee also allows us to keep our commitment to you to provide the following to your student without needing to ask parents for additional funds throughout the year. The Student Services Fee supports:

  • a yearbook for each student
  • a planner for each student
  • class funds for field trips
  • Parochial Athletic League (PAL) fees
  • uniforms and supplies for most after-school athletic programs
  • athletic tournament fees
  • the FAME program
  • the annual Christmas presentation
  • Kindergarten promotion and 8th grade graduation
  • Scholastic Reader materials
  • school assemblies
  • most curricular- and extra-curricular programs

(The middle school science trips, overnight retreats and Robotics Teams are not included in the Student Services Fee.)

Additionally, the fee supports the Holy Trinity Parent Association to help in its mission as a social and educational association, as well as to subsidize family events, social gatherings, speakers, and activities that enrich the shared education experience.

Additional Parish Investment for Worshiping Stewards

As a Stewardship parish, Holy Trinity is unique in the Sacramento Diocese.

Holy Trinity Parish places a priority on the ministries which seek to form our shared Catholic faith – whether it be our Faith Formation Ministry or our Holy Trinity School Ministry. As such, we have chosen to invest so greatly in these ministries because they speak most directly to our relationship with God.

Significantly, since the school ministry opened, our parish has invested nearly $3.5 million toward the ministry’s annual operating costs. While the average parish in the Sacramento Diocese contributes just 3% of its school’s annual operating cost, Holy Trinity proudly boasts a contribution of nearly 25% -- or more than $350,000 – each year.

This extraordinary contribution is possible due to the dedicated commitment to stewardship by so many parishioners in our Holy Trinity community. Our parishioners’ stewardship of all the blessings God has provided is manifested in how our parishioners generously share their time, talent and treasure in our parish.

"The net effect of this shared sacrifice is that our parish investment for our most active and committed parishioners is $4500 or more toward the cost of educating their child."

We are very pleased that we are able to offer every family a significant reduction in tuition, charging just $4950 per student for the 2016-17 school year (about 70% of what it actually costs our parish to educate a child).

However, for families who have made – and who actively live – the extraordinary commitment to a Stewardship Way of Living, the parish is pleased to offer an additional investment by our parish in their child’s spiritual and academic education.

For the 2016-17 school year, the following additional investments are provided to those who apply for and are approved as Worshiping Stewards of Holy Trinity Parish:

 First ChildSecond ChildAdditional Child
Actual Cost of Educating Each Child$6994$6994$6994
- Investment by Parish for All Students- $2044- $2044- $2044
Tuition for Each Student$4950$4950$4950
- Additional Investment for Worshiping Stewards- $2550- $2850- $3050
Final Tuition for Grades 1 through 8$2400$2100$1900
Final Tuition for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten$1900$1900$1900

"For Worshiping Stewards, the total investment by the parish begins at nearly $4500 for the first child, rising up to nearly $5100 for additional children – with parents paying just $1900 to $2400 per child in tuition."

A Very Important Caution

Although we encourage and invite every family to consider making the commitment to become a Worshiping Steward, we know that accepting the commitment to live as a Christian steward isn’t a commitment everyone wishes to make.

Living as a steward means restructuring one’s life to place God first in all things. It requires replacing our desires with God’s desires. Living as a steward requires a real commitment to sacrifice and generosity. And, at Holy Trinity, we take this decision to be a steward very seriously.

In justice, the parish will only offer this additional investment to families who have made – and who actively live – the extraordinary commitment to a Stewardship Way of Living.

The following pages explain the expectations to be considered a Worshiping Steward at Holy Trinity Parish, as well as the procedure for being asking for consideration.