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Catholic School Advisory Commission

The Catholic School Advisory Commission assists the pastor and principal in the area of planning, policy formulation, finances, and development including public relations, marketing and evaluation. They offer suggestions and advice based on their role within the parish or larger community, their role as parents of children in the parish/Diocesan school, and their role as leaders.

A CSAC uses the collaborative model. This action is taken after they believe the recommendation will help the Catholic school provide the best faith-formation, education and other programs for the youth attending the school. They assist the administration of the school develop strategic plans for the future, monitor the expenditure of funds, formulate policy which helps the administration in the daily operation of the school, and are a constant source of positive public relations about the school.

The CSAC is not responsible for personnel, curriculum, individual student, and supervision or censorship issues. The Commission is made up of members from the school and church communities. It meets once a month (August-June). Meetings are open to interested persons. Anyone has the right to address the Council by requesting to be heard on the agenda. A request must be submitted in writing to the principal two weeks prior to the next CSAC meeting. The agenda is published one week before each meeting.

The CSAC shall be comprised of the following members: Pastor as ex-officio member; Principal as executive officer; Appointed and elected members; A teacher representative and the Parish Administrator.