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Graduate Reflections

Reasons for a Catholic Education at Holy Trinity Parish Reflections from Our Graduates Reflections from Our Graduates

The Holy Trinity School Ministry graduated its first class of in 2006 – and these students have now graduated from high school and are attending their first year of college. Our graduates are spread as far north as University of Portland, as far south as UC Irvine, as far west as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and east at Colgate University. Well prepared, they are attending Catholic, public, and private universities both in and out of state.

These graduates – and more recent ones – reflect on the Holy Trinity School Ministry and how it prepared them for their future.


It should come as no surprise that, after spending several years together as a relatively small group, graduates Spencer Orofino and Victor Cima said the students felt like a family. They could lean on each other for support and, like all families, enjoyed an occasional prank together. Julia Bulotti added that these friendships have carried over, despite dispersing to different area high schools. Playing sports with their friends and classmates was a highlight for Sara Orofino and Courtney Coan. Faith Families were another favorite memory, and Aspen Bonini said this special experience allowed students to develop closer relationships with children from other grades.

Thoughtful Learning

Academics are important at Holy Trinity School Ministry, and our graduates said they felt well-prepared for their transition into high school. Taking finals in middle schools helped prepare Aspen Bonini for the rigors of semester finals in high school. Mikey Duhain credited his strong academic foundation with leading him to success in Advanced Placement classes in high school. Rachel Klas and others noted that the homework load at Holy Trinity School Ministry helped them develop study skills that carried over at St. Francis and other area schools.

Spirituality in Action

The weekly “all-school” Mass was cited by several students, including David Duncan and Kira Selden, as one of the elements they enjoyed most while at Holy Trinity. Mikey Duhain and Courtney Coan said their religion classes gave them the opportunity to learn in depth about their Catholic faith, supporting their own burgeoning faith journey. Aspen Bonini credits her experience as a lector at the all-school Masses with developing skills and confidence to lector at Sunday Masses, keeping her involved in parish life after graduation. All graduates enjoyed being able to talk about God at school and the unique opportunity of exploring faith with their classmates.

We’re nurturing stewards of Hospitality, Thoughtful Learning and Spirituality in Action