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The Holy Trinity School Ministry Educational Achievement Specialist Program provides instruction and services based on the needs of students recommended by their teachers and/or parents. Generally, this is a program that provides modifications, accommodations, and extra assistance to students who:

a.) Have been identified as needing an Individualized Educational Program and/or

b.) Demonstrate the need for more specific, and usually one-on-one or small group, instruction.

Students who work with the Educational Achievement Specialist will experience:

  • Direct and differentiated instruction based upon each student’s unique academic needs (whether within the classroom setting or on a pull-out basis)
    • Areas of instruction and assistance may include but are not limited to:
      • Basic sight words
      • Reading fluency
      • Decoding words
      • Comprehension skills and strategies
      • Spelling
        • Vowel patterns
        • Sght words
      • Writing
        • Complete sentences
        • Cohesive paragraphs
        • Word usage
        • Usage of punctuation, capitalization
      • Test-taking strategies
        • Study skills

The Educational Achievement Specialist will be in charge of:

  • Communicating and consulting with the students, their teachers, and their parents
  • Coordinating referral and assessment procedures
  • Assisting with the Guided Reading Program