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Religion - Middle School

Grade 6

The students focus on the Old Testament in 6th grade.They study the messages of the different stories throughout the sacred Scripture. The following topic will be covered, but not limited to:

  • God’s people challenged throughout history to follow the teachings of Jesus and his ancestors.
  • We are God’s people
  • Our faith is rooted in Hebrew religion: sacraments, prayers and liturgy, feasts, traditions, and the liturgical year.
  • Justice and responsibility are treasures of God’s kingdom.
  • Ourmission as Catholics is to reach out to all in need.
  • The church is a community that builds bridges between generations, races, and lifestyles.

Activities above will be taught through reading, lectures, discussion, skits, arts activities and a variety of social service activities. The class also does a service project every year.

  • 2009 – letters to the troops
  • 2010 - Restoration of native vegetation to the American River Conservancy

Grade 7

Christ, the Church and the world are the focus for seventh grade religion.The students are guided throughout the year to see in a personal way how faith is calling them to hear, understand, and follow Jesus. The overall objectives of seventh grade religion as identified by the Diocese of Sacramento are as follows: 1) To discover the teachings of Jesus through Christian Scriptures. 2) To understand and recognize visible signs of God’s grace. 3) To respond to Christ’s message with action. In studying the Christian Scriptures, students will examine who Jesus is, and how he is calling them to live their lives.They will study the different style and messages of the Gospels, and the stories, parables, themes and lessons within.They will also study church doctrine regarding Mary and the communion of saints as evident in scripture. The focus of the visible signs of God’s grace is in their study of the prayers, sacraments, liturgical forms and different traditions of the church. To guide our students to grow in their active response to Christ’s message, they study the sanctity of life and our special nature as precious children of God, the multiple facets of Catholic social teaching, in particular through peace and justice, and how we are members of the people of God through our church and family communities. Learning activities include:

  • Bible readings
  • Participating in prayer styles- tradition, personal, group, impromptu
  • Participating in mass and prayer services
  • Personal reflections
  • Meditations
  • Small and large group discussions
  • Creative presentations
  • Artistic presentations- both group and individual
  • Oral presentations

Grade 8

The themes of 8th grade Religion are:

  • Understanding and appreciating the history and future of our Church community
  • Understanding and practicing a stewardship way of life
  • Appreciating and embracing the love God offers us through the Sacraments

Major areas of study are forms of prayer with a focus on the Psalms, Church History, and stewardship in the context of the Ten Commandments. Students practice stewardship and leadership regularly as leaders of the school wide Faith Families and the Living Rosary. Formationfor the Sacrament of Confirmation occursthrough Holy Trinity Parish Faith Formation Ministry.