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Grade 1


We Believe (Creed)

  • God Loves Us
  • God is the Father and Creator
  • Jesus is the Son of God
  • Mary is the Mother of God
  • Jesus Shows God’s Love
  • The Good Samaritan: A Scripture Story
  • The Holy Spirit is Our Helper
  • Jesus Gave Us the Church
  • The First Christians Followed Jesus

We Worship (Liturgy and Sacraments)

  • The Church Celebrates All Year
  • The Church’s Celebration
  • Come, Follow Jesus: A Scripture Story
  • We Celebrate Mass
  • Jesus Feeds a Crowd: A Scripture Story

We Live (Christian Morality)

  • We Live as Children of God
  • We Live as a Family
  • We Live as a Community
  • Moses Leads God’s People: A Scripture Story
  • We Love God
  • We Love Others
  • We Love Through Forgiveness
  • Jesus and the Children: A Scripture Story

We Pray (Prayer)

  • We Talk and Listen to God
  • Jesus Taught His Followers to Pray: A Scripture Story
  • We Pray in Many Ways
  • Jesus Teaches Us the Our Father: A Scripture Story

Enrichment Activities Include:

  • Weekly Mass
  • Faith Families
  • Service Projects

Language Arts


  • Houghton-Mifflin California Literacy Language Arts Program
  • Whole Class Shared Big Books
  • Small Group Scholastic Guided Reading
  • Leveled phonics books
  • Independent reading
  • Vocabulary practice at home

Phonics and Spelling

  • Phonemic awareness program (rhyming, blending, segmentation)
  • Basic Dolch 100 Word List/High Frequency words
  • Word and sentence dictation.
  • Making Words

Written Language

  • Step Up to Writing Program
  • Journal Writing
  • Emergent Writing: Words, Sentences, Paragraphs (Kids’s Print)
  • Organizational maps (e.g. webs, Venn Diagram)
  • Narrative and expository writing experiences
  • Traditional Manuscript Letters/ Capital and Lower Case

Oral Language

  • Daily classroom experiences
  • Sharing
  • Oral reading of personal writing (Author’s Chair)
  • Formal Oral reports


By the end of first grade, students understand and use the concept of ones and tens in the place value number system. Students add and subtract numbers with ease, measure with simple units and locate objects in space. Students will also describe data and analyze and solve simple word problems.

Math curriculum in First Grade includes:

  • Numbers 1 to 100
  • Addition and Subtraction to 20
  • Place value
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Patterns and sorting by attributes
  • Graphing and estimation
  • Time and money
  • Measurement and fractions
  • Geometry shapes
  • Marcy Cook Math tiles and work boards

Social Studies

Social Studies curriculum in First Grade includes:

  • Citizenship
  • People and Places
  • Our Country
  • Changes Over Time
  • Celebrate Cultures
  • Goods and Services
  • Special Holidays

Enrichment Activities:

  • Scholastic News – Current Events
  • Flat Stanley


First grade science curriculum is designed to promote knowledge and understanding of life, earth and physical sciences, and to provide the students with the opportunity to investigate the natural world while learning interesting, relevant and exciting science ideas.

Science curriculum in First Grade includes:

Life Science

  • Living and Nonliving Things
  • All About Plants
  • All About Animals
  • Plants and Animals Need One Another
  • A Place to Live: Forest, Desert, Rain Forest and Ocean

Earth Science

  • Measuring Weather
  • The Seasons

Physical Science

  • Investigate Matter
  • Heat, Light and Energy

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Care of and feeding of classroom pets