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Grade 4


The theme for fourth grade religion is morality.God’s people throughout history are called to new life, which is carried out through their personal response to God.Faith First by RCL Publisher guides students in understanding a Christian way of life through the four areas of beliefs, worship, life, and prayer.In developing concepts of right and wrong, students focus on a greater understanding of:

  • The Commandments
  • The Beatitudes
  • Acts of love and service

Students add the following prayers to those already learned:

  • The Apostles’ Creed
  • Prayer of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer of St. Francis
  • The Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Faith First website activities
  • Dramatized stations of the cross
  • Living rosary
  • Weekly school Mass with Faith Families
  • Classroom and school wide service projects
  • Celebration of the Liturgical Year and feasts/holy days

Language Arts

Using Step Up to Writing tools and strategies as an additional aid in guiding students to greater reading comprehension and organized writing, fourth grade language arts focuses on the following:

  • Regular practice in using the dictionary and thesaurus to improve vocabulary as well as use of Vocabulary Workshop
  • Oral reading to improve reading fluency and accuracy
  • structural patterns and using strategies to improve reading comprehension
  • Exploring the structural differences between various literary genres
  • Analyzing narrative text through identification of main events, compare and contrast, and definition of figurative language
  • Practice of cursive penmanship
  • Research using various reference materials including technology
  • Developing the writing process through practice of brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, proofreading, and finalizing a written piece of work ready for publishing
  • Practice writing narratives, responses to literature, information reports, summaries, and church petitions
  • Improving written and oral conventions through activities in Grammar Workshop

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Technology
  • Literature Circles
  • Daily Oral Language
  • Oral presentations and reports
  • Art
  • Skits


Fourth grade students will build upon their understanding of basic math facts and develop their skills in using operations on multi-digit numbers and decimals.The fourth grade curriculum includes working with:

  • Place value from two decimal places up through the millions
  • Rounding and ordering numbers
  • Whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers
  • Equivalent fractions and decimal equivalents
  • Addition and subtraction of decimals
  • Multiplication of multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
  • Division of multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers
  • Prime and composite numbers
  • Temperature and negative numbers
  • Variables to represent an unknown amount
  • Solving simple algebraic expressions
  • Area and perimeter of simple rectangles and complex figures
  • Function tables
  • Plotting a linear equation on a coordinate grid
  • Identification and definitions of plane geometric figures and segments
  • Data collection and representation in graphs, tables, and charts
  • Mean, median, and modes
  • Possible outcomes for simple probability
  • Problem analysis and solving using a variety of methods

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Technology
  • Math centers/games
  • Kinesthetic activities
  • Manipulative and visual aids

Social Studies

Fourth grade students learn the story of their home state.The location of Holy Trinity School, in the middle of gold country, lends itself to an exciting learning of California’s history.The development of our multi-cultural society is traced as students study the following topics:

  • Geography of California
  • Local native Indian societies
  • European exploration
  • Establishment of Spanish missions
  • Mexican economic, social, and political influence
  • Westward expansion and pioneer migration
  • Gold discovery and the California Gold Rush
  • Statehood
  • Immigrants and their contributions
  • The transformation of California into an industrial power of the United States

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Technology
  • Art, crafts, and music
  • Skits and character presentations
  • A full day of living history simulating pioneer life
  • Field trips


Fourth grade students practice investigation and experimentation as they learn about life, earth, and physical sciences through the following subject matter:

  • Animal growth and adaptations
  • Plant growth and adaptations
  • How living things interact
  • Biomes and water ecosystems
  • Protecting and preserving ecosystems
  • Pangaea and plate tectonics
  • Changes to Earth’s surface
  • Types of rock and the rock cycle
  • Formation and conservation of soil
  • Electric charges and static electricity
  • Magnetic fields and electric currents
  • Simple series and parallel circuits
  • Conversion of electrical energy to heat, light, and motion

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Design and construction of an animal feeder
  • Observations and inferences
  • Data collection
  • Predictions, measurements, and experimentations
  • Building of a simple series circuit, a simple compass, or a simple electromagnet

Field Trips

  • Sutter’s Fort
  • California State Indian Museum
  • Marshall Gold Discovery Park
  • Gold Bug Mine
  • California State Railroad Museum
  • On site living history