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Holy Trinity Athletics

Here at Holy Trinity School Ministry, we are very proud of our Athletics program. Over one-third of our student population participates in athletics each year. The students and families love to show their hospitality by hosting over 50 basketball games and one of the largest cross country meets in El Dorado County. You need to see it to believe it!

Holy Trinity School is part of the Parochial Athletic League (PAL) and offers a wide range of sports:

  • Cross Country – available for grades 3-8
  • Volleyball – available for grades 5-8
  • PAL Basketball – available for grades 5-8
  • Golf – available for grades 5-8
  • Track & Field – available for grades 5-8
  • Little Dribbler Basketball – available for grades 1-4

The HTS sports program offers both competitive and recreational levels of play. In grades 5-8 we offer Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.

For more information on our athletics program, please contact Ms. Burton, at: