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Spiritual Formation

Holy Trinity School Ministry is a Catholic Parish School and, as such, all students actively participate in the Religion programs. The student looks at life experiences and how they relate to his/her faith. Faith development is presented through the study of Scripture, church doctrine and tradition. All students have religion class daily. Class and school prayer services, and other liturgical celebrations are an integral part of the curriculum in our Catholic school, enabling us to carry out our mission. Students are encouraged to practice Christian action and awareness of the needs of others by participating in a variety of service activities sponsored by the School.


Grades K-8th celebrate Mass most weeks, and all families are expected to celebrate Mass each Sunday. Prayer services and special Catholic observances will be offered at times throughout the school year.

Sacramental Process

First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation are celebrated as parish community, and registration for formation is through the Faith Formation Ministry. Each is a developmental formation that includes both classroom and parish preparation. The Holy Trinity School Ministry and Faith Formation Ministry together offer classroom study through the religion curriculum, parent meetings, practices, prayer services, and celebration of the sacrament.

The experience of a sacrament is a Communal, parish-wide process, a way of living so as to become more Christ-like, living more fully as God's Holy People. Sacraments are intended to signify how we live our entire lives. Therefore, the preparation for celebration of the sacraments of Confirmation, Penance, and Eucharist is a developmental process that includes both classroom and parish formation:

  • Ongoing reflections and discussions at home of the lived faith of the family
  • Active and regular participation in religion classes at HTSM, generally at least two school years before the sacrament is celebrated
  • Weekly celebration of the liturgy by the family
  • Faithful attendance by children and parents in parish-wide, sacramental preparation sessions

The sacramental experience continues to be nurtured through further faith formation following the celebration, deepening the reality of that which has been celebrated.

Sacrament Formation Details:

Penance & Eucharist

Children and their parents have formation for these two sacraments at the same time. Those children who plan to celebrate this sacrament in the second grade must be baptized and need to be actively participating in faith formation in the first and second grades in the parish. Parents will be involved in the child's classroom during some of the faith formation sessions. Both parents and child will participate in six monthly Sunday afternoon gatherings, from October through April, for additional appreciation of the sacraments to be celebrated.


Candidates will celebrate this sacrament in the fall after eighth grade. Youth must be baptized. Formation for the child and parent includes:

  • Religious education in the seventh and eights grade HTSM curriculum
  • Participation in the Diocese of Sacramento's "Fired Up" Confirmation day
  • Participation in one summer retreat
  • Completion of service projects/hours

Ongoing formation for both candidates and their parents occurs in a series of special confirmation sessions:

Year One - four Sunday afternoon meetings between October and May

Year Two - seven evening meetings on the second Wednesday of most months