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Faculty 2456

Faculty and Staff

  • larry-beck.jpg

    Fr. Larry Beck Pastor

  • Jesus-Hernandez.jpg

    Fr. Jesus Hernandez Parochial Vicar

  • jeremy.png

    Mr. Jeremy Youngers Parish Life Director

  • Chris-Nelson.jpg

    Mr. Christopher Nelson Principal

  • Michelle-Heuerman.jpg

    Ms. Michelle Heuerman Vice Principal / 2nd Grade Teacher

  • Susie-Hahn.jpg

    Mrs. Susie Hahn Director of Faith Formation Ministry

  • Cynthia-Mulcaire.jpg

    Mrs. Cynthia Mulcaire Director of Missionary Discipleship and New Evangelization (PK & Adult)

  • Hannah-Terbrack.jpg

    Hannah Terbrack Director of Missionary Discipleship and New Evangelization (7-12 & Y.A.)

  • Rob-Sabino.jpg

    Mr. Robert Sabino Director of Music Ministry

  • Gary-Coan.jpg

    Mr. Gary Coan Director of Facilities

  • Paul-Funk.jpg

    Mr. Paul Funk Maintenance Supervisor

  • Alethea-Stiveson.jpg

    Mrs. Alethea Stiveson Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

  • Christina-Gray.jpg

    Christina Gray Kindergarten Teacher

  • Cheryl-Tallia.jpg

    Mrs. Cheryl Tallia 1st Grade Teacher

  • Lisa-English.jpg

    Mrs. Lisa English 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Kerry-Xavier.jpg

    Kerry Xavier 4th Grade Teacher

  • Jennifer-Martinez.jpg

    Jennifer Martinez 5th Grade Teacher

  • Julie-Shelnutt.jpg

    Mrs. Julie Shelnutt Middle School ELA/6th Homeroom

  • tricia.jpg

    Mrs. Tricia Mayer Middle School Math/8th Grade Homeroom

  • Evan-Clark.jpg

    Mr. Evan Clark Social Studies (6-8)

  • Audrea-Crowley.jpg

    Ms. Audrea Crowley Science (6-8)

  • Kimberly-Wittmers.jpg

    Mrs. Kimberly Wittmers Math (6-8)

  • Laura-Burton1.jpg

    Ms. Laura Burton PE/Athletic Director & Library

  • Terri-Sweatt.jpg

    Mrs. Terri Sweatt Kindergarten Instructional Aide

  • Emily-Fuller.jpg

    Ms. Emily Fuller 1st Grade Instructional Aide

  • Bob-Maimone.jpg

    Mr. Bob Maimone Instructional Aide Grade 4

  • Amy-Mc-Curdy.jpg

    Mrs. Amy McCurdy 2nd Grade Instructional Aide

  • Anita-Ryan.jpg

    Anita Ryan 3rd Grade Instructional Aide

  • Mary-Kae.jpg

    Mary Kae Kreifels 5th Grade Instructional Aide

  • Elaine-OConnell.jpg

    Mrs. Elaine O'Connell Educational Achievement Specialist and 3rd Grade Instructional Aide

  • john_chance.jpg

    Mr. John Chance Computers

  • Karole-Dominique.jpg

    Mrs. Karole Dominique Admissions Director & School Secretary

  • Susie_Calise.jpg

    Susie Calise School Ministry Bookkeeper

  • Adrienne-Fuller.jpg

    Mrs. Adrienne Fuller EDP Director

  • Christine-Illich.jpg

    Mrs. Christine Illich EDP Aid