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Faculty and Staff

Title Name Email
Principal Denise Remick
Administrative Assistant/ Resource Elaine O'Connell
Administrative Assistant Monique Gustason
TK Alethea Stiveson
Kindergarten Emily Fuller
1st Grade Justine Raceles
2nd Grade/VP Michelle Heuerman
3rd Grade Jennell Courville
4th Grade Tina Sweeney
5th Grade Kevin Ferrier
6th/ MS ELA & SS Kaylee Nyman
7th/ MS Science & Math Julie Gaffey
8th/MS Religion/5th-8th Music & PE Amy Hagens
MS SS Project Based Learning
Mary Ann
Accelerated Math/4th-8th, 3rd Math Enrichment Debbie Hurtado
TK-4 MusicRob Sabino
TK-4 PE Sara Conner
Art 1st-8th Monica Snead
EDP/TK Enrichment Adrienne Fuller
Faith Formation Cynthia Mulcaire
Instructional Aid Dana McLaughlin
Instructional Aid Christine Cabral
Instructional Aid Tricia Hodges
Instructional Aid Shannon Merlo